How to install DNG Presets in Lightroom Mobile

How to install DNG Presets

Hello readers ,today we will tell you the procedure of installing DNG presets in lightroom Mobile.

In this era of Social Media,everyone wants attention ,and posting pictures on Instagram and Snapchat is one of the easiest way to get attention , people love to scroll their feed and see beautiful images and stories , but they pay their attention only to some unique & different pictures , and we all know that a simple click cant’t be shown as unique directly , so we can edit it and get some unique outputs ,and if you edit your pictures manually to upload on instagram to get some attention,believe me , you’re wasting too much time, use Lightroom presets available on our site in Adobe Lightroom to edit images professionaly in only one click in your Mobile or Desktop anywhere.

We have two types of presets or two different extensions of presets to import in Lightroom Mobo to edit our images,

  • XMP
  • DNG

As I have already posted an article for Installion of XMP presets with easy steps,if you haven’t saw it yet , click below to know the steps to import the XMP Presets.

And today i will tell you how you can import or install DNG extension Presets in Lightroom Mobile

But before installing presets ,you must have your DNG Presets in your Device ,Download these best recommended DNG Presets packages by following articles ,


After Downloading DNG Presets,you ‘re ready to install’em in Lightroom Mobo,

DNG Presets are just an image in which settings (Lightroom Settings) are stored ,which can be used again instantly.


Firstly open Adobe Lightroom Mobile application.

Click on add image button on right hand bottom ,then browse preset ,then select that preset then click on add button,

And you’re done , DNG Presets are installed in Lightroom Mobile,

You can check it in Lightroom App’s image gallery (All Photos),

You will see a RAW mark on Preset in All Photos Gallery.

Hope this article was helpful for you ,please give us a share.



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