How to install Lightroom profiles in Lightroom Mobile step by step

How to install Lightroom profiles

What is going on readers ,today we will tell you the steps to install lightroom profiles in lightroom Mobile.

Hey buddy, if you are an instagrammar who knows all the trending stuff over Instagram,then i hope that you are too much familiar with cinematic and moody kinda portrait pictures which are getting  thousands of likes and probably millions of impressions on Instagram ,and if you are thinking that this types of images need too much editing skills,plenty of your time and most importantly a “high end” device to edit them , then may be you are right but,if you will ask the same question to me ,i will reply that the things you said are bunch of adds-on which may not create a huge difference in visual quality if i will edit the same image in Lightroom mobile application ,and now if you are thinking that which tool in Lightroom mobile application will help us to achieve the cinematic kind of look then i think i shouldn’t reply with name of any one tool which will help you to achieve that moody kind of look in your image ,but if i will do that ,that will be also a right answer to your question , because the “Profiles” in lightroom can be used for a finishing for cinematic tone in an image, and if you don’t know what are Profiles in Lightroom ,then you can check here , and if you already know about “Profiles” in Lightroom, then we should know the process of installing and using of custom lightroom profiles in lightroom profiles so let’s see that how you can import or install Lightroom Profiles in Lightroom Mobile,

But before installing presets ,you must have your Lightroom Profiles in your Device ,Download these best recommended Custom Profiles packages by following articles ,  


Before proceeding ,let me clear a thing ,if you downloaded the custom Lightroom Profiles , then you can see it’s extension also , it’s XMP , and there is a thing called “Presets” in lightroom which are of two types with two different extensions ,one is DNG and another extension of Presets is XMP so is of Profiles, and the procedure of installation is almost same, but still both are two different things so don’t get confused between them ,and let’s proceed,

So after downloading Lightroom Profiles,you ‘re ready to install’em in Lightroom Mobile application,

Follow the instructions given below to install Lightroom Profiles in your Lightroom Mobile application,

Firstly select the .xmp files in your device ,which you have downloaded from link given on this page then cut them,and then paste all of’em into the directory or location mentioned below in you android device.

Android > data > com.adobe.lrmobile > files > carousel document > 00… > profiles > setting > user styles.

That’s it ,Lightroom Profiles are installed in Lightroom Mobile,

You can check that whether it’s installed or not by simply restrating the Lightroom Mobile application and clicking on the profile tool or profile section , and check new profiles there by scrolling down,

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