Lightroom Mobile vs Snapseed application comparison in detail

Lightroom Mobile vs Snapseed

Hello readers,photographers and photoshoppers , hope you all are doing good ,if you guys are confused in Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed application ,means if you got confused in selecting one in these two professional photo editing application,wait, you are at right place,because today we will do Lightroom Mobile vs Snapseed, means we will compare Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed application at different points and then we will check which one is best at different points and requirements,so without wasting a single second ,lets get started.

Lightroom mobile and Google Snapseed mobile application ,both of application are used by professional photographers and they strongly recommended these application to edit and enhance the images. but it will be very difficult to select one out of these both apps ,because both of editing application have high end features and tools, usage of both application worts, but if still you want to select one ,then we can do a comparison between both of of them at different points and requirements ,so let’s start the Lightroom Mobile vs Snapseed.

If you want to download the Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Google Snapseed application,simply visit on Google Play Store and download them simply.

Common Tools

Before comparing both Google Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom Mobile application ,we will see some basic tools and features which are commonly available in both application, here are the common basic tools available in both applications.

  • Crop and Rotating tool
  • Lightning Adjustment tool
  • Curve tool
  • Selective tool
  • Sharpening tool
  • Vignette tool

so here are the tools which you can see commonly in both of applications Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed ,let’s proceed to Lightroom Mobile vs Snapseed,the comparison of both application.

Lightroom Mobile vs Snapseed

So let’s start the Lightroom Mobile vs Snapseed , the comparison of two legendary photo editing mobile application with some points and requirements, here is the list of of points on which we will compare both application.

  • User Interface
  • Coloring Tools
  • Masking
  • Preset Support
  • Output Quality

User Interface

User interface or UI is a very important thing ,specially in digital services like website & applications. It connects the user straightly with that website or application ,if the interface of the application is not user friendly, no matter how good the application or website is, because interaction between user and service will be required.

Both Lightroom Mobile & Google Snapseed have very user friendly user interface but i think that Google Snapseed application is more easy to understand and use ,and Google Snapseed also do very fast processing according to my opinion.

Coloring Tools

A photo editing application must have tools which can adjust and correct the colours in images ,specialy in this era of instagram and snapchat, where many people use inbuilt filters to edit their picture for a basic kinda colour change in images,so let’s see which application can give us some professional colouring tools.

Google Snapseed only have a white balance tool to adjust colours of image whereas Adobe Lightroom Mobile have a special tool called “colour” to edit colours in images ,you can edit every colour individually in Adobe Lightroom by using a tool called “MIX”,this all shows clearly that there is no better option than Adobe Lightroom Mobile for Colouring Tools.


Everyday we see many creative images on Instagram while surfing ,where multiple images are merged in the final result, and it blows up the feed ,the merging down of mutiple images is possible due to a term called “masking”, now you can understand the importance of the “Masking”, so let”s see which application will blow in masking.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile doesn’t have any kinda tool or option to do masking where Google Snapseed allows to mask the effect and it has a particular tool to add overlays and layers called “Double Exposure”which can also be masked,so here, the term “Masking” is applicable for Google Snapseed only.

Preset Support

If you want to get attention consistently on social media ,you must keep yourself updated on the social media ,it’s possible by posting stuff everyday ,so it may not possible for some people to edit pictures everyday ,so you can use preset to edit your picture in only 1 click ,so let’s see which application can give a good deal in Presets .

Google Snapseed have some limited inbuilt presets ,you can also create some custom ones but ,in Snapseed you can’t share them in other device ,whereas in Adobe Lightroom Mobile you can create and share the presets into other device so, the Adobe Lightroom mobile can give you better presets support.

Output Quality

In this era quality matters rather than quantity especially of images where people share their pics on Social Media platform especially on Instagram, Facebook. Snapchat etc., So. let’s see which editing application can give you a better output quality.

Adobe Lightroom mobile gives a brilliant result in editing but it compress the picture whereas Google Snapseed gives very high quality of images instead of Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

Conculsion 1

If you want an editing application with an easy user interface and some basic editing tools, you can go with Google Snapseed.

Conclusion 2

If you want a professional editing application with some advance coloring tools then surely go with Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

So, here is the full comparison between Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Google Snapseed with two different conclusions, we hope that this comparison will clear your confusion of selecting an editing mobile application.



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