Lightroom Profile tool explained ,How to use Lightroom Profiles in Lightroom Mobile

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Lightroom Profile tool explained
Lightroom Profile tool explained

Hola,what’s going on aspiring photographers and photoshoppers, i hope that you are putting your full potential and effort in your work to make your each and every still a “masterpeice”,so today i will tell you about Lightroom profile tool in Lightroom,so basically it’s a Lightroom Profile tool explained,

So guys firstly i will give you a introduction to Lightroom Profile tool explained ,then i will tell you the difference between Lightroom Preset and Lightroom Profiles,then i will tell you how you can create your own Lightroom Profiles and lastly i will provide you some links from where you can download the custom Lightroom Profiles and will also tell you about it’s installation in your Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom CC (PC) , so firstly we should start with “what is Lightroom Profiles actually?”

What is Lightroom Profile actually?

Basically Profile is a tool in Lightroom Mobo and Lightroom CC ( PC) or you can also say it a collection of color tones overlays of different types such as Artistic, Black & White and Vintage etc. which can help you to add a finishing in your edits and you can adjust it’s affect on your image just by adjusting it’s intensity with slider between 1-200 , this is an introduction to Lightroom Profile tool explained.

What is the difference between Lightroom Preset and Lightroom Profiles?

Many of you guys may think that Lightroom Profiles and Lightroom Preset are the same things ,and actually both the things sounds pretty similar in terms of definition ,but actually both things are very different from each other , i have already explained that Profile is tool ,it is applied for a final look or finishing on image whereas Preset is some ready settings of a particular look on picture ,it may also consist the readymade setting of any profile which is applied for the particular look ,so it’s the differenvce between Lightroom Profiles and Lightroom Preset.

How you can create your own Lightroom Profiles?

As you all should know that custom Lightroom Profiles can be created manually just like Lightroom Presets with your own look or setting,

but its not that simple ,because Lightroom Presets can be created in Lightroom CC (PC), whereas Profiles can’t be ,

i know that some of you are getting thought bubbles in your mind that if Lightroom CC (PC) don’t have any option to create Lightroom Profiles ,then how to create them?

Now i don’t want to you to get confused anymore ,actually Lightroom Profiles are created Adobe Photoshop ,and if you really want to know the full instructions of creating of Lightroom Profiles , click here,

Download custom Lightroom Profiles for Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom CC(PC).

Lightroom 20 Profiles Download in 1 click for free, Lightroom Profiles Download

Installing of custom Lightroom Profiles for Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom CC(PC).

The instructions for Installing the custom Lightroom Profiles in Lightroom mobile is already mentioned here.

And instructions for Installing the custom Lightroom Profiles in Lightroom PC (CC) is mentioned here,

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