PresetPlus is End Stop for Premium Lightroom Prest for Free

What We Do and Why We Do?

This Website is Prepared by Gujot Creations having 100K+ Subscriber on Youtube and Romesoft Digital Media With almost ~20K in india along ~50K in Indonesia Rank By Alexa. However, They are Focusing on Simple and Easy Editing Using Lightroom DNG Files across all Leading Platforms. As Most of People Known Gurjot Working for almost For Couple of Years and Spending Most of time on Editing Material. We are Making UP Hottest and Greatest Editing Preset for Free. Already Gurjot Creation's PNGPICK Website is Serving Basic Editing for Years Now.

This Website Doesn’t Allow anyone to Re-upload to Generate Revenue or Commerical Purpose. You Can Use our Preset, Edit, Share on any Social media Without Giving Credit to us.